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Ready for Fun this Summer?

Ready for Fun this Summer?

Turn to SCCU to Finance an RV or Toy

If you are thinking of summer fun, before you shop for a boat, camper, motorcycle, ATV, or jet ski, check with us. Get approved for our low-rate recreational vehicle loan and have more clout when bargaining at the dealership.

Buying a Dream Car? See Us First

If you have an SCCU checking account, you can get a discount on new and used auto loan rates, as low as 1.99% APR*. It’s easy to apply online, call us to start your loan, or make an appointment to come into our office.

Ready to apply? Click here. Or, call (920) 499-4711 or (800) 236-0747

Vacation Loan Saves Summer Plans

Stretch Your Budget for More Fun

Whether you are headed to visit family or planning a camping trip, consider the ease of an SCCU Vacation Loan. If you could use some extra room in your budget, a personal loan has a rate as low as 6.49% APR.**

Apply and start feeling the financial freedom of having enough for your fun vacation!

Ready to apply? Click here. Or, call (920) 499-4711 or (800) 236-0747


Save By Refinancing Your Auto Loan

If you have recently gotten dealer financing when buying a car, truck, or van, consider having our loan officer review the loan to see if we can save you more. Often the savings can be hundreds of dollars with our credit union low rates, as low as 1.99% APR*.

The process is easy – simply bring in your loan information from another financial institution or car manufacturer financing, and let’s see if we can refinance to lower your monthly payment and put more in your pocket.


Member Success Story                                                                                                                                               

Recently, a longtime member purchased a new vehicle and financed it at the dealership. When he came in to SCCU to discuss refinancing, we were able to:

  • Reduce rate from 4.34% APR** to 3.49% APR* on 84-month term.
  • Reduce monthly payment from $522.39 to $502.12.
  • Reduce total interest from $6,097.53 to $4863.41.
  • Get a full refund of dealer purchased GAP contract of $995 and purchased ours for $399.

Ready to apply? Click here. Or, call (920) 499-4711 or (800) 236-0747


Consider Refinancing Your Mortgage to Save More

The key to making the most of your finances is to find low-cost ways to maximize every dollar. See what SCCU can do to lower your monthly payment and possibly provide substantial savings. Plus, sometimes we can pay off other loans and wrap those debts into the mortgage for one easy monthly payment.

Call us for an appointment today to review your options with our loan officer at (920) 499-4711.

Member Success Story

After reviewing a member’s financial situation, we were able to combine the current first mortgage, a car loan, a boat loan, and a credit card balance into a 10-year fixed rate mortgage at 2.375% APR**. With the help of bi-weekly automatic payroll payments:

  • Reduced total current minimum monthly payments by more than $500 per month.
  • Reduced total interest payments over life of loans by $8,860.
  • Shortened mortgage loan term by 2.5 years (from Nov 2032 to May 2030)

Ready to apply? Click here. Or, call (920) 499-4711 or (800) 236-0747

*Annual Percentage Rate with .50% discount for having SCCU checking and Direct Deposit of paycheck. Regular rate as low as 2.49% APR. All loans subject to approval. A new loan for $10,000.00 amortized over 36 months at the special discounted rate of 1.99% APR would result in a monthly payment of $286.38. Rates are subject to change. Excludes mortgages.

**Annual Percentage Rate. This APR will vary according to credit score. All loans subject to approval.

All loans subject to credit approval. Please contact a SCCU representative at (920) 499-4711 for more details.