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1st Mortgages

Schneider Community Credit Union is now able to offer 1st mortgage lending to its members. Whether you have a current 1st mortgage loan to refinance, high interest debt that you would like to consolidate, or if you have home improvement projects SCCU can help. Offering competitive fixed rates up to 180 months.

Home Equity

You’ve taken good care of your home, now you can let it help take care of you. Loans based on the equity you have earned in your home are another way to borrow smart. A second mortgage or an Equity Plus Line of Credit is a great way to finance major expenses and interest may be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisors for details.

Three Easy Ways To Apply

Additional Mortgage Lending Options

The Credit Union also partners with AmeriCU Mortgage for 1st Mortgages. They have plans to fit all needs. Simply call the Credit Union and we can get you started or apply online and an AmeriCU Mortgage representative will get in touch with you.

  • Conventional
  • VA
  • FHA
  • USDA Rural Development
  • 203K Renovation
  • Jumbo

Benefits of having a loan at Schneider Community Credit Union:

  • Interest on all loans is calculated on the unpaid monthly balance called “Simple Interest”.
  • Convenient pre-approval of loans.
  • Payment plans to fit your budget.
  • No penalties for early repayment. Pay additional amounts on your loan anytime and you’ll shorten the life of the loan and pay less interest.
  • You can make loan payments through payroll deduction, in person, direct deposit, automatic transfers, mail, phone, and online banking at
  • Financial counseling services available.

Loan Related Services

Gap Protection

New and newer used vehicles often depreciate quickly and vehicle loans are typically getting longer in terms.  There may be a point where you owe more than your vehicle is worth. At that point GAP insurance is a way to protect your auto loan. Many times when a car is declared a “total loss” after being stolen or totaled in an accident or natural disaster GAP will help cancel the difference between the primary insurance settlement and what you may still owe.

Credit Insurance

Schneider Community Credit Union offers its members Payment Protection credit life and credit disability insurance through American National Insurance Co. Credit life insurance pays the outstanding balance on your loan if you die before the loan is paid off.  Credit disability insurance provides funds to help you make your loan payments if you are unable to work because of an illness or accident.

Most members are eligible to apply for credit life and credit disability insurance. Coverage is available for single or joint borrowers, at affordable rates, and premiums are automatically added to your loan payment. Protect yourself and your family from the burden that could result if you die or become disabled.  Payment Protection offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial obligations will be met. Visit with our lending department for details on Payment Protection credit life and credit disability insurance.

Vehicle Service Contracts

In addition to offering new, used, and refinanced auto loans, we also offer Extended Vehicle Service Contracts through Vision Warranty Corporation for your auto, truck, or van. Get peace of mind and protection against expensive, unexpected automotive repair costs when you purchase an Extended Vehicle Service Contract.

Buy an Extended Vehicle Service Contract for less than the cost at most dealerships and enjoy:

  • Coverage of most major components in the event of a breakdown
  • No-hassle Direct Payment: no reimbursement forms
  • A one-time premium that may be financed along with your vehicle

Put the brakes on expensive car repairs. A factory warranty may not be enough. Most major repairs occur after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Consider adding an extended vehicle service contract to your loan. Coverage obtained through the Credit Union may save you money when compared to dealer plans.