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Young Achievers Program

We help our young members learn about the world of personal finance. We have four different levels of service for our members to age 24. The key component of Level 1 is the Kirby Kangaroo Program, which makes savings fun for kids to age 12 with birthday cards and coloring activities. Levels 2 through 4 offer increasing services, such as ATM cards and share draft checking account with no monthly service fees and increased free ATM transactions. We’re committed to our younger members – and their growing needs.

Kirby Kangaroo Club Members

Hey Kids!

Have you visited my fun and exciting website lately?  This site is just for kids, and has things like games, coloring pages, Kirby adventure stories and even jokes for everyone who loves to laugh! You can even submit a joke, and it might be published! (Make sure you Get Mom or Dad’s approval before using the computer.)

If you are already part of my club, you know that you receive a newsletter periodically in the mail. There are stories to learn about how to save money, projects to do, games to play and much more fun stuff!

As a member of the club, you also will receive a birthday card from me in the month of your birthday. If you bring your birthday card in, along with a deposit in the month of your birthday,  the Credit Union will deposit an additional $5.00 in  your account and you can pick out a gift from the Kirby Treasure Chest.

Have you noticed all the great prizes in the lobby at the Credit Union? Prizes are earned by saving money and collecting Kirby Bucks, so make sure you ask for more information the next time you call or stop in.

I hope you enjoy being part of my club. Make sure you check in often.

Your Friend,
Kirby Kangaroo

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Kirby Kangaroo Club


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